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Ten Cover Letter Tips For Resumes
How To Write An Effective And Professional Cover Letter Resume

A resume cover letter is a necessity when applying for any job. A resume cover letter should compliment your resume and excite the employer to want to call you immediately to set up an interview. The below tips will help you write an effective cover letter that gets you noticed and hired.
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There are two main types of cover letters - document transmittal cover letters and resume cover letters. Document details the documents attached to the cover letter. This cover letter normally accompanies legal papers, booklets, reports, travel documents, product samples, manuscripts, and the like.

Resume cover letter accompanies your resume to prospective employers. The main purpose of such a cover letter is to generate sufficient interest in the reader to consider your resume favorably. The following ten tips can help you write an effective resume cover letter:

1. An ideal cover letter should not exceed a page in length. It should set a professional tone and the language should be free of all unnecessary jargon and similar high-sounding words. A simple expression through easy and common words can create an impressive cover letter.

2. Your cover letter should project your unique qualities and qualifications that give you an edge over other candidates. All the time maintain a concise description of your abilities.

3. Use quality stationery. Your stationery should match your qualities as expressed in your cover letter. Also, maintain same stationery for both your cover letter and resume. Follow the same font and leave large white spaces in between albeit adhering to normal letter and resume specifications.

4. Address your cover letter to a specific person. Do not address it vaguely. Instead, collect relevant information from the company in question and address it to the particular person concerned with hiring of personnel.

5. Your cover letter need not be a long description of your abilities. Rather proceed into the details right from the start as the reader spends just a few seconds going through your letter. You have to create your impression within that time.

6. An effective resume cover letter is essentially a sales letter of your qualifications and abilities. Therefore, you need to sell yourself through your letter.

7. Your selling should be according to the needs of the company. You have to show how you can make a difference to the company.

8. State all facts in clear terms without any ambiguity or exaggeration. You should be ready with all answers at the interview table. Therefore, do not paint any wrong pictures of yourself.

9. Ideally, you should request for an interview in your cover letter. You cannot be waiting for the employer to give you a call. Therefore, it is essential to have a follow-up plan detailed in your cover letter itself.

10. The last but not the least is to adhere to your follow-up plan. You can give a call to your employer to inquire about your application after giving sufficient time.