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Why Writing A Cover Letter Is More Important Than A Resume

Many people think having a good resume is the key to getting hired, but having a properly worded cover letter is even more important. Writing a cover letter is the key to getting interviews. It's not a hard task, but it needs to be done right. Below are tips on writing a cover letter that works.
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Landing your ideal job may not be as difficult as you think. Apart from having the necessary skills for the position, getting the all important interview may be as simple as writing a cover letter that gets the prospective employers attention.

Most people have always believed that their resume was the key and send off a detailed history of their past employment. They include how long they had been employed by each company, the duties they performed, and a good reason why they left. They also include a long skills summary, courses they have completed (whether or not they have any relevance to the position) and where they were educated, what hobbies and pastimes they were interested in, and references at the end. If you are applying for a job the skills on your resume should match the skills the employer wants, but that will be true of every other applicant. Unfortunately, many people scribble a cover letter which they believe is just something to attach the resume to and in some instances do not send one at all, making sure their contact details are on the front page of their resume. Guess what? The phone does not ring nor do they even receive a letter in the mail informing them that they were unsuccessful.

The secret to getting an interview is writing a cover letter that makes the prospective employer not only READ your resume but in many cases make the call for you to come for an interview before he has even read your resume. It is a fact that employers are so used to seeing well laid out, extremely professional resumes that most don’t even get read. Unless you have a perfect work history with great references and an exceptionally wide skills base, chances are you will use a resume writing service. This is a great idea except that everyone else will do the same and it will just cost money and seeing you may be already unemployed, could be a further burden.

Then what is the secret to writing a cover letter that will make the prospective employer want to call? It is the letters that tells the employer what they need to know about YOU. It will also show you can communicate and, far from sounding like a show off, cover letters should show that you are self confident and literate. It is important not to start every paragraph with "I" and use a thesaurus if necessary to find words other than those most commonly used. Phrases like, "I am writing in reference to the position you advertised" or "Attached is my resume for your perusal" are acceptable. Nearing the end of the letter, assume you will be hearing from the employer with a phrase such as "I look forward to hearing from you". It will imply confidence. The layout of your letter is also vital, so have a look at other business letters you may have received and get a feel for the style.

It is worth remembering that writing a cover letter extends to other areas apart from resumes. Cover letters are used in all manner of business dealings and a well written cover letter will always make the reader take notice.