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A Good Cover Letter Can Make The Difference

Having a great cover letter will increase your chances of getting your dream job, but there are other barriers you will face in your job hunt too. Below are some general tips and hints you should follow to increase the chances of getting called for an interview.
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Cover Letter & Job Hunting Tips

A good cover letter will make a huge difference in your job hunting success. Many people spend a lot of time hunting for a job, without any responses at all. That is because there are barriers to getting a job, some of which you may not even think about. Follow these tips and hints for avoiding job hunting barriers and increasing your chances and you will be well on your way to getting your dream job.

Job Hunting Barriers

  • Failing to understand a potential employer's needs
  • Sending your Career Information Package to the wrong person
  • Undervaluing your own experiences and accomplishments
  • Making spelling or grammatical mistakes in your cover letter or resume
  • Not researching the recipient, company, or job opening enough
  • Sending the same cover letter or resume to every single employer
  • Using a me-centered approach instead of a you-centered approach

You can vastly improve your job hunting successes by avoiding making the mistakes above. Additionally, you should try to follow these hints for improving your chances.

Increasing Your Chances

  • Educate yourself with your career field of expertise
  • Perform the necessary research
  • Conduct a self-assessment
  • Target your job search
  • Listen to feedback from others
  • Place the employer's needs ahead of your needs
  • Send flawless career marketing cover letters and resumes
  • Tailor your approach to each company
  • Know when to address sensitive issues

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