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Four Steps to a Perfect Cover Letter for Your Job Search
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A perfect cover letter is required to guarantee that your resume will get read and an interview will be scheduled. The four tips below will help you write that perfect cover letter. I also recommend using the Amazing Cover Letter Creator to guarantee that you craft a perfect cover letter quickly.
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The Perfect Cover Letter

Your cover letter proves to be the perfect prelude to your resume. Therefore, your cover letter should essentially emphasize on your specific skills and achievements. These incite an interest in the reader to go through your resume in detail. It therefore presents a more positive approach to consider you for employment. You also gain a better edge over other competitors for the same job.

Your resume cover letter is your first communication with your potential employer. Therefore, a well-written cover letter helps you form a good opinion with your prospective employer. Hence, even the best qualifications and achievements can be worthwhile only if you present it well in your cover letter.

The same achievements lose all their importance if the cover letter does not give it the necessary importance or credence. Similarly, a resume without any cover letter is also equally unimpressive, rather unacceptable according to business norms.

The four important steps for writing a perfect cover letter are -

1. Your cover letter and resume should be uniform and therefore, use same quality and type of paper for both. Computerized cover letters and resume should be on similar letterheads. Ink jet or laser printing offers the best presentation. Also, maintain uniformity and perfect legibility in your font, style, and line spacing. Maintain relevant blank spaces between lines and paragraphs. Again, use the same type of stationery throughout.

2. You have to adhere to the regular format of letter writing. Write the return address at the left hand top of the letter with your name at the right hand top corner. Leave some space to write the employer's name and address and begin the salutation after a gap of few lines. It is essential to gather information about the name of the specific person you need to address your cover letter. Although it is simple to gather such information by making a simple phone call, you can also get information from your local library.

3. The three basic parts of a cover letter include introduction, selling, and a call for quick action. The introduction professes an idea of who you are, to whom you are sending the letter, and for what reason. The selling includes an analysis of your qualifications, achievements, and abilities. This highlights how you can prove to be an asset to the hiring company. The last part sets a particular date to receive some acknowledgment or information about an interview. However, brevity is very essential throughout your letter.

4. The final step is to close your cover letter with relevant formalities like sincerely yours, your return address, name, and signature. You can also include an enclosure line in the left margin to indicate enclosure of your resume.