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From time to time we post new cover letter articles for you. This page covers ‘How to Survive a Phone Interview’, ‘Two Ways to Write an Effective Cover Letter’ and how to ‘Make Your Resume Stand Out’ and more. Read the guidelines below: The tips mentioned here may not yet covered eleswhere.

How to Survive a Phone Interview

November 3, 2007

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When you are seeking a position with a company they will at times have you come in for an interview, but at other times they will want to hold the interview over the phone. Many people are nervous over the prospect of having an interview over the telephone, but it can be easier than having one face to face if you just follow some general guidelines. In order to be successful there are several things that you should keep in mind so that you maintain your poise during the interview.

The first thing that you should make sure that you do is to be available for the call. There are many things that can disrupt you when you are at home so make sure that you are idle at the time for the interview. You should also turn off the answering machine so that it does not pick up if it takes you too many rings to answer the phone as this could cause undue nervousness and an unnecessary hurdle for you to cross.

You should also make sure that there are no distractions that will interrupt the interview. These could be anything from the TV to kids or animals that would make noise without warning. Do not do anything, such as smoking, eating or drinking while you are on the phone interview. In fact, I always recommend that you do not eat for a couple of hours before the interview to keep yourself from having to clear your throat so much as this may spell nervousness for the interviewer.

Make sure that you have put a lot of time and effort into your resume, including your cover letter. Since this is actually the first point of contact, it will serve to introduce you and your qualifications to the interviewer even before they meet you. Make sure that you write up a cover letter specifically for this job, using one of the templates that are available. Simply customize it to match the position and company that you are trying to land.

By taking your time and avoiding interruptions you will find that taking a phone interview is much the same as taking an interview in person. Many people find that not sitting in front of the person gives them a greater freedom to speak which can help you seem more confident in your abilities. So get ready and get that job.

Two Ways to Write an Effective Cover Letter

October 25, 2007

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There are some things that are just too important to rush your way through. One of these would be when you are writing a cover letter for your resume. If you want to really stand out in the crowd of resumes that are stacked in front of your prospective employer then you are going to have to grab their attention right from the start. You can do this by having an effective cover letter that makes your resume stand out from the moment that they read the first line. The problem is that many people are not comfortable writing anything, let alone a cover letter for a resume. So if you find yourself struggling with this problem then here are some things that can help you to get over that hump and write a cover letter that will get you noticed.

The first thing that you could try is to look at some cover letter examples that are on the Internet. There are plenty of websites that will show you some successful cover letters and you can certainly get an idea or two from viewing these. You will just need to tailor them to fit your own personal circumstances. One thing that you may notice is that many of the cover letter examples that you will be looking at will have a personal spin on them. This will help you a lot, if you do your own research and write your cover letter as if you were writing directly to the person that was reading it. By putting this kind of personal touch on the letter you will give your resume a boost in the mind of the reader.

Another thing that you can do is to use one of the cover letter generators that can be found on the Internet. These will give you a great starting point for a successful cover letter and with just a little bit of personalization you will be well on your way to landing that job you have been wanting.

By looking at successful cover letters and using some cover letter software you will be able to create a killer face for the front of your resume. If you succeed in doing this you will be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to landing that job. So get started and make your cover letter one that will stand out in a crowd.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

October 22, 2007

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Sometimes something that one person considers to be very simple is the hardest things in the world for someone else to do. I have found this to be the case with many things in life, but especially when it comes to putting personal thoughts or feelings down on paper. Most people will simply tell you that they are unable to do that and they quickly give up, usually without even trying. The real problem is, however, that sometimes it is important to put your best foot forward when you are writing something down. This would be the case with creating a cover letter.

Writing an effective cover letter is really the first step in getting your resume acknowledged. Most times your resume will end up somewhere in the stack of hundreds of other resumes and one person will have to look through them all. This can be quite a tedious task and at times they can all begin to look like one another. What is actually happening is that you are losing your individuality, and possibly the job by not standing out in the crowd. Your resume needs to grab the attention of the reader right away in order to make your name stand out. If your cover letter is written effectively then your resume will be remembered, and may just find its way to the top of the stack.

One of the best ways to get your cover letters read is to put a personal spin on them. You would never want to use the same cover letter for every resume that you put out in the job market. Try doing a little bit of research about where you will be posting a resume and then personalize the cover letter for that particular company. I guarantee you that the effort will be noticed and initiative is often rewarded. You will also be able to touch the reader on a personal level and they will often take the time to review your resume instead of allowing it to blur in with the rest of the pile.

There are many ways that you can get your resume to stand out. Just make sure that you do not miss the opportunity to grab their attention with an effective cover letter. Far too much time is usually put into creating a great resume to lose them on the first page. A little effort will indeed go a long way and it is a great way to land the job that you have been wanting.

Your Resume Cover Letter – Make a Great First Impression

October 20, 2007

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We all know how important it is to make a good first impression. Although it may not really let your true nature shine through, making a first impression is important in forging a relationship in business or in your personal life. It is during the length of the relationship that your true personality will shine through and people will be given the opportunity to learn who you really are. People generally make their first impressions in the way that they dress and speak. How do you make a good first impression, however, when your first contact is through the written word, such as when they look at your resume? You do this by creating an effective cover letter, of course.

Writing an effective cover letter is so crucial when you are submitting a resume. This is because it is the first thing that the person who looks at your resume is going to see. It gives the person who is going to be reading your resume an opportunity to forge an opinion of you and often colors the way in which they will view the other information that is contained on the inside. A well written and effective cover letter will boost the reader’s confidence in your credentials. It will also help to tear down any walls that may stand in the way of allowing your resume to really shine through. It is the all important first impression of the resume. But what are some things that should be contained in your cover letter?

In your resume cover letter, you will provide your prospective employer with a little bit of information about you and your background. You should attempt to tell a story, so to speak, that gives the reader a well rounded picture of whom you are and why they should be considering you for employment with their company. In essence what you are doing is pre selling yourself to the reader, allowing them to read through your resume with a good feeling about you as a potential employee. It also helps your name to stand out in their minds, especially if they have hundreds of resumes to review.

By writing an effective cover letter you are helping to impress your personality upon the mind of the reader. You are also making yourself stand out as an individual, one that will provide what is needed at their company. Take the time to write your cover letter and it will serve you well in making a lasting first impression.

Often your current supervisor can do the most good for you by giving you a great report ahead of time. A lot of weight is carried by this sort of thing and you would have a much better chance of success if they put in a good word for you. These are just a few things that can help you to land that job, and to move up in your company.