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Below is an example of what a cover letter should look like. It’s important to note that while a cover letter does need to follow a certain outline, what you say in your cover letter is even more important. If you want a perfectly worded cover letter, I recommend the Amazing Cover Letter Creator.

Cover Letter Formatting Example

Here is a generic outline of what a great cover letter should contain. Follow this basic format and you will be guaranteed to have a terrific cover letter that garners attention.

Your Name
Your Address
City, State Zip code
Your Phone Number

Date of Letter

Company Name
Company Address

Salutation: If you have done your homework and research, you should know the first and last name of the person that you are addressing your cover letter to. You should use a Title and Last Name if possible. For example you can write: Dear Dr. House: or Dear Ms. Mitchell; When you call to get the company name, make sure you clarify the proper spelling. Also, if you are unsure, ask whether the person is male or female.

Opening Paragraph: Make sure that you start be telling them who you are. Don’t forget to mention which position you are applying for.

Middle Paragraph(s) or Bullet Point(s): In the middle of the cover letter, you need to show off your qualifications, accomplishments, awards, and projects. Start each bullet point with an action verb and be very specific with facts and figures, For example, state the total value of a project, don’t just say a ‘very large’ project. Tell them what you accomplished and the meaning of the accomplishment.

For example, “Created a new accounting system for the Washington branch, resulting in a savings of $468,000 annually.”

Closing Paragraph: Make sure that you tell them that you are very interested in this job. Also, this is where you ask the hiring manager to call you for an interview.


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