Useful Guidelines for Writing a Professional Looking One

If you are planning on e-mailing your cover letter out to potential employers, there are certain guidelines you should be aware of that are somewhat different from regular cover letters. The below tips should help you if you are required to send out your cover letter via e-mail.

Email Cover Letter Tips

An e-mail cover letter is equally important as any other resume cover letter. Although the basic strategies for writing any type of resume cover letter remains the same, yet following tips can help you to write a successful cover letter on e-mail.

  • Your e-mail cover letter should be brief but contain all necessary and important information. Normal e-mail cover letters should be well within 150 words and should not exceed a single screen.
  • The first paragraph of your e-mail cover letter should highlight your important aspects. You have to focus on your key selling abilities and entice the reader to proceed ahead with your e-mail cover letter.
  • Fill up the subject line of your e-mail not by just inserting the job number. Instead, add something enticing about your qualification in the subject line. This makes your e-mail cover letter more interesting.
  • Normally, employers file e-mail cover letters into their database. Therefore, usage of relevant keywords increases the effectiveness of your e-mail cover letter. Such keywords should have a direct link to your job in question. Usage of such keywords can ensure location of your e-mail cover letter and resume even at any later date.
  • It is best to present your e-mail cover letter as an edited plain text. Stick to the normal font and other formatting essentials of style, size, and color. Maintain uniformity in your e-mail cover letter and your resume too. Also, check if each of your lines contains no more than sixty characters. Some e-mail packages offer automatic word wrap. However, you should ideally check such wrapping and formatting to send a perfect e-mail cover letter.
  • An e-mail cover letter should follow the normal protocols of any business letter. You should leave adequate spaces between lines and paragraphs and use proper salutations for addressing the person and thanking before ending the cover letter. Do not use any abbreviations or other confusing color techniques in your cover letter. A simple and focused e-mail cover letter speaks volumes about your abilities.
  • Follow the specific guidelines fro writing your e-mail cover letter as mentioned in the company advertisement. Do not make or change rules to suit your presentation. Similarly, do not always send your resume as an attachment. Some companies do not entertain e-mails with attachments. Then, no one may even view your resume or cover letter.

Do not depend on the spell check of your e-mail. Instead, go through the cover letter and resume thoroughly for any spelling mistakes. Proofread it and forward your e-mail to any friend for a second check before mailing it finally.